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Sivan Hadass

Who am I?

"I was born in Tel-Aviv, but kept on the move between various cities, until finding my base in Tel-Aviv once again. Through all this migration, I kept music as my steady ground. 

I started writing my first songs by the age of 7. I wrote about my wonders, my sadness, people's behaviour, life, and nature"


"...why are you so shy little brown bird? 

Those little things can't hurt you, can they?

Keep putting your head out of the window

So you feel the wind blow

No sorrow

No sorrow..."



Along with pianist and composer Orel Oshrat, the two performed in various venues across Israel, and collaborated on production and performance of both covers and original material. 


Sivan graduated with a B.A. from the Cross-Disciplinary Vocal Division of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Side by side with teaching music and running workshops for musicians, she is working on writing and producing her first album.